5 Great printer recommendations for Office products and home use

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Great printer recommendations for Office – Printers are one of the most widely used electronic devices. Its usefulness is clear as a paper document printer for business purposes, administration, and academic duties. However, modern printer devices also have other multifunctional alias functions.

There are usually features for scanning, photocopying and fax and telephone machines. To help you choose a good printer that you can help you with at home or office, here ProductNation presents some recommendations that you can see below.

Great printer recommendations for Office
Great printer recommendations for Office

1. Canon Pixma G3000

PIXMA G3000 is one of Canon’s latest release products. Some of the modern features are the 3 types of connections to the device, cloud storage for automatic printing, and easy replenishment of the ink cylinder integration. Canon deliberately designed this series for the purpose of printing a lot but still efficient in terms of cost and use of ink. Productnation.

2. HP 3775 DeskJet

This printer is claimed by HP as the smallest all-in-one product in the world. Thanks to its super-compact size or ultracompact, you can easily move it and it can be a personal printer tool wherever you work. The total weight is also relatively mild, about 6 kilograms. Connection with laptop and computer is also compatible with various operating systems. Productnation.

3. Canon PIXMA TS307

This one printer can be a mainstay of Millennials who are in college. In addition to economical, its features are very modern and help academic activities. You don’t have to bother sending the files you want to print to your computer or laptop, right from your phone with just the touch of a button.

4. Epson L3110

The L3110 series belongs to The Epson product type ALL-in-one ink tank printer. The bottom line is that the tank is integrated into the printer so that the print speed increases and the ink consumption becomes efficient. In addition to documents, you can print photos up to 4R in size at a relatively fast pace. The machine is also capable of scanning documents using the sensor contact image system.

5. HP Printer DeskJet 1112

This HP printer design is relatively simple and concise. Even so do not underestimate the performance. This printing machine can print documents quickly, suitable for students who often print academic assignments. The Cartridge uses the HP 803 type that lasts up to about 300 sheets.

Choosing a printer clearly needs to suit your needs. If you are only printing a document, select a standard printer that can print black and white colors. At least your basic needs such as work or administration can be fulfilled.

Another case when you are an entrepreneur that often sends out documents. The scanning feature and the fax machine are clearly the main choice. New from here you can think about the printing speed and type of ink used.

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